Android & Linux

No one knows Android & Linux like we do.

It's simple. No other operating systems offer the openness, flexibility, interactivity and user experience that Android & Linux do. Android is not limited to phones and tablets, it is making inroads into industrial and embedded systems too. Linux has been the mainstay of critical systems for a long time.

Make Android & Linux work for your enterprise.

Kernel and Device Drivers

    • Android & Linux build for boards, devices

    • Custom kernels and BSP

    • Device drivers customization

    • Boot-time optimization

    • Power management

Android & Linux Customization

    • Custom libraries and integration

    • OpenGL, AV streaming, AV acceleration

    • Integration of new peripherals

    • Custom launcher, themes, widgets

    • Security and authentication

Android and Linux Applications

    • Real-time, camera, VoIP apps

    • Native apps using NDK

    • Sensors, NFC, Augmented Reality

    • UI/UX design

    • Porting apps from Linux, iOS